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[clockspring] Clock Spring Balances

» Screwdriver adjustment for variations in sash weights
» Perfect counterbalance
» Tape can be locked at any length to speed installation
» Smooth, noiseless operation
» Weather tight case
» No weight boxes or pockets
» Simple, easy installation
» Use any weatherstrip
The popular No. 242 balance was specifically designed for use in residential window units. High quality springs of clockspring steel give this balance excellent counterbalancing properties. High tensile tapes and heavy zinc plated housings are used, insuring durability and long trouble-free life.

Adjustable types No. 150 and larger are designed for schools, hospitals, institutional and commercial buildings. They are well known for their excellent counterbalancing properties, and their life-of-window durability. Screwdriver adjustment takes care of unforeseen variations in sash weights. Types No. 150 and No. 154 have heavy zinc plated housings. All balances are powered by springs of clockspring steel.

To order clock spring balances, simply specify actual or estimated weight of sash, type of balance, and mounting style. The adjustment feature is good for a plus or minus correction of up to three pounds. Your order should be written, for example: "20 each 150-FT-32" for 20 balances, of type 150, with an FT mounting style, for 32 pounds per sash. Add MM for modified marine zinc primer powder coat, and OH for tape to exit from overhead slot. In cases where run of tape required is longer than standard length specified, give sash or window opening height.

  • Nonadjustable Residential Type
  • 2-26 lbs capable models available
  • Adjustable
  • 4-36 lbs capable models available
  • Adjustable
  • 20-50 lbs capable models available

Detailed Sash Balance Information - Detailed Power-Pak Information

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