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Counterbalance &
Retractor Mechanism

A low cost mechanism for 1,001 industrial and commercial applications, including photo enlargers, hair dryers, retracting cables, fume hoods, safety guards, and X-ray machines.

The POWER-PAK counterbalance-retractor is designed for low cost all-purpose use in industrial and commercial applications. A rugged, dependable clock spring mechanism, it's compact size permits design flexibility for either internal or external mounting. Cable direction variable through use of pulleys or guides.

Made of zinc plated steel housing; plain axle uniformly tempered; high quality clock spring steel; 3/64" galvanized wire cable; 500 lb. breaking strength; cable loop, seamless solid brass sleeve; solid brass eyelet in faceplate to reduce friction and prevent fraying of cable. Zinc coated steel mounting plates. Capacity 3 through 12 lbs. over 40" of cable travel.

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